Angry Andy has calmed down and has a lot of making up to do. First there’s daughter Sarah, who saw him at his worst. Then there’s Katie. Lucky for him she’s the understanding type and listens as Andy talks about the mistakes he’s made (it’s a long chat). Something about the honest, vulnerable Andy triggers desire in Katie and before you can say “Whoa! Bad idea – you two have been here before!” they’re in bed together – and not because they’re exhausted from all the talking. They’ve got plenty of energy!

Mad Mickey’s another man who’s all fired up, but his desire is for revenge. Aaron won’t give him back the money he spent on that dodgy car so he leaves his calling card in the village – by vandalising the cars on the garage forecourt. Now Cain’s angry, too, but Aaron won’t back down. He thinks he knows how to frighten off Mickey, but he doesn’t.

Dirty flirty Eve thinks she can handle her affair with Carl, but is sick with jealousy when she catches Carl and Chas enjoying some afternoon delight. Her bit of fun’s no fun any more…

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