Andy’s boxed in on Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day and Debbie is ready to fight again for Sarah. Plans A and B have failed to make her pregnant with a ‘saviour sibling’ so it’s time for Plan C: sex with Andy. What?!! His first concern is Alicia, who is still talking turkey after Debbie dumped her Christmas dinner on her head. But Diane tells him he really doesn’t have a choice; Sarah has to come first. So he says ‘yes’ to Debbie and tries to convince Alicia that having sex with his ex is the right thing to do for Sarah.

Moira’s family – except Hannah – seem convinced that they want nothing more to do with her. Huh! Where would they be if her heart was as cold and unforgiving as theirs?! She refused to turn her back on junkie Holly, even after John washed his hands of his daughter. And she stood by Adam after he had bonked Mia’s mum and turned Declan into their landlord from hell. But her Christmas gifts are returned unopened. So she takes them back up to the farm and faces her family, telling them that she won’t give up on them.

Amy faces the consequences of her decision about Kyle.