Hannah mentions to Andy that Brax carries around an old baby photograph in his wallet – currently stored in the hospital safe. Josh has mentioned to Andy that the baby photograph of him has gone missing and Andy wonders if it’s the same one. Andy steals the photograph from the safe – it is the same one! – and confronts Brax. When Hannah finds out that Andy used her to break into the hospital safe, she finally calls it quits.

When Zac decides not to give Evie a special punishment for disseminating the English exam answers, Evie is angry. Tamara tries to explain Evie’s stance to Zac: all she wants is a real adult who cares enough to act responsibly and administer tough love. Zac’s all-night benders are news to Hannah, who is extremely unimpressed, especially when Zac tries to turn it around on her and Andy. Zac asks Evie for his forgiveness but she refuses to grant it.

Brax puts his health in danger by travelling while injured, and is rushed to hospital with a blood clot. Awkwardly, Nate is Brax’s doctor. But Nate acts professionally despite feeling hurt by Ricky, who doesn’t leave Brax’s side.

And Brax decides to confide in Ricky: the stolen photograph is not of Josh Barrett – it’s of Casey and Johnny Barrett is his father.