Andy’s fallen for Amy

With Joanie having banned Amy from seeing Kyle, she’s miserable. The teen mum was loving having her son back in her life – but she made a big mistake in not telling Joanie the truth about their connection. Though Val and Victoria do their best to cheer Amy up, their efforts are in vain. Will Andy have better luck? Spurred on by Adam, the farmer admits to Amy that he’s never stopped caring about her before kissing her passionately.

Nicola’s work at the factory comes to a sudden halt when Rodney arrives with two police officers. Having been trying to get hold of her husband, she’s sent reeling to hear he’s been in an accident. At the hospital, Nicola blames herself for Jimmy’s injuries. Yet, as she pours her heart out about their marital troubles, Jimmy’s not interested.

Laurel feels terrible when Ashley reveals his plans to move into a house share. Later, the concerned mum hints to Marlon that her ex should move in!