Andy’s new BF has benefits!

So, Andy and Kerry have had two nights of talking and they’ve been very honest with each other. What’s next? Bed! How did they get there??? Well, Kerry’s found out that Amy’s gone and is playing the crying game again. Andy gives her a shoulder to cry on and she cooks dinner to say thanks…and they decide to have each other for dessert! Doesn’t look like Kerry’s going to be leaving Emmerdale any time soon so Amy could be gone for quite a while. And Val’s not going to like that!

Katie doesn’t like Robbie and Robbie doesn’t like Katie, that much we know. What we don’t know is who is going to win this power struggle… Katie decides she has to make the next move and starts to create a plan to get rid of Robbie. Our suggestion: cast him in concrete and plant him in the garden as a gnome.

Victoria suggests to Alex that they buy their own place. What with?! Even if they could get a mortgage, they’re going to need to repay it and wages of a farm labourer and B&B cleaner and part-time shop assistant don’t add up to the price of a property – unless they move far, far away from Emmerdale. They could get a good price for something in Greece these days…