Andy’s recklessness puts Ricky in danger

Andy runs into Tank, who is all dressed up for the fundraiser. Determined to stop Tank from attending, Andy gives chase in his car and the pair eventually skid to a halt at the fundraiser. They fight behind the food truck and are unaware they’ve broken the lead on a gas canister attached to the truck. Ricky shows up at the fundraiser after realising she’s been unfair to Nate, but retreats inside the food truck to take a phonecall, unaware of the peril. Zac and Leah head back into the house, but are startled by a massive explosion at the fundraiser, as the food truck ignites…

Chris notices the fresh scars on Olivia’s legs and, when he tells Irene, she realises Olivia has relapsed in her self-harming following the abortion. She decides to ask Hunter to have a word and she admits she has been self-harming.

Chris impulsively asks Hannah to move in with him and she agrees. Later, Hannah discovers Pheobe has been stalking Dom’s social network page.

Also, Irene is unaware that a young man is watching her through the window.