Andy’s secret weighs him down

Andy’s day goes from bad to worse after Jo is gleeful about learning Andy’s deepest secret, and Jack reveals that he told Victoria about his trial, but stopped short of telling her more. Andy and Diane think that Jack should come clean and tell Victoria everything, but Jack doesn’t want Andy’s relationship with Victoria damaged. Andy admits that he’s told Jo the truth about Sarah’s death and a worried Diane visits her and warns her that if she lets the secret slip, it will destroy the family.

Perdy is caught up in her own excitement about her pregnancy and she’s unsuspecting when she sees Hari with the racehorse and he lies that he bought it on his own. Perdy sees Gray take a clandestine phone call and she thinks he’s planning a surprise. Paul can’t bear to see his friend lied to and he tells Perdy the truth about the racehorse. A horrified Perdy makes Gray pull out of the sale. Hari is gutted, but resolves to ‘borrow’ the extra money from the surgery.

Kelly invites Jimmy to help her babysit the Hope twins while Bob and Viv go shopping for the Christening. Jimmy has a great time with the babies and reluctantly has to leave to go to work. When he returns, he’s touched when he sees Kelly caring for babies and he teases her about being broody, which Kelly strongly denies!

Also, Marlon employs some villagers to help on the building site.