Andy’s world is collapsing – and so is Alicia’s!

*Hour-long episode*

Andy’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders and, broad as they are, he’s struggling. His little girl is sick and he’s worried sick about her, but Alicia just wants to know when they’re moving to Spain. Trouble is, Andy’s still very attached to Emmerdale and his daughter. Which is why he’s bitterly disappointed when he finds Cameron treating Sarah to lunch after Debbie told Andy he could. His ugly temper resurfaces and Sarah is scared. But it’s Alicia who feels the full force of Andy’s anger when he tells her to back off – they’re not moving to Spain! Sarah needs more hospital tests and he won’t leave her now. But at the hospital Andy feels helpless and all alone as Debbie’s comforted by Cameron.

Amy’s changed her mind, too… Val tells her that she and Pollard love her. That’s something Amy’s been desperate to hear and she decides to lose her baby to keep Val and Pollard.

Zak thinks he’s finally got through to Aaron – by giving him a punchbag to use to vent his anger. Aaron thumps it about a bit, too – but it’s clear that the days when throwing punches made Aaron feel better are long gone.