Angelo and Charlie kiss!

Angelo has been told to discontinue his surveillance on Martha, but he gets a warrant anyway. Martha is horrified to find him on her doorstep. Hugo hides and the police find nothing. Hugo, coming out of the attic, falls. He’s injured but can’t call an ambulance. They call Rachel, and she and Tony are shocked to discover the emergency is Hugo.

Angelo wants new warrants for Tony and Gina’s houses, but Charlie advises against it. The Austins are suffering enough. Angelo apologises and Charlie insists they’re still friends. Angelo realises how much he misses Charlie and they embrace.

Romeo apologises to Alf – Jill has again woken up on his couch, hungover. Romeo won’t take Jill’s money because he doesn’t want to end up like her.

John begs Gina’s forgiveness after Jill kissed him. Gina pours water over him and tells him to leave her alone. Romeo reassures Gina that Jill would have instigated everything. Gina feels she may not have given John much of a chance to explain. She calls him and leaves a message, hoping to make amends. But Gina’s concerns are valid, as Jill continues flirting with John. He is firm with her and explains he’s not interested. Jill thinks that John’s kiss told another story…

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