Angelo and Irene suspect Donna

Angelo thinks Lou’s boat was sunk deliberately and Irene is convinced Donna is behind it. Donna gives an alibi to Angelo but it’s clear Angelo suspects her. He does some more digging and cross examines Donna again. Angelo searches Donna’s house where he discovers a hand gun, so he arrests Donna for Lou’s murder.

Meanwhile, Aden can’t believe the trawler is sunk, he’s out of a job and there’s a risk he won’t be able to pay for Belle’s ring. Gibbsy says he knows someone who could help him. The loan shark, Clint, visits Aden and says he’s happy to lend him money. Aden says no thanks, but we get the feeling we’ll be seeing Clint again.

Xavier tells Ruby about the sex tape and Ruby ends up telling Nicole, who feels sick. She confronts Trey about the tape at the Film Festival. He admits it and she slaps him, then runs off, upset. Geoff sees this and comforts Nicole and Trey is enraged when his mates tease him about Nicole being with Geoff.

Later that night, everyone is watching the first film for the Film Festival. It turns out to be the sex tape, put there by Trey to embarrass Nicole, and half of Summer Bay end up watching Trey and Nicole having sex.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 15*

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