Angelo confesses to killing Jack

Martha tries to hide her true feelings as a guilt-ridden Angelo – who she knows killed her husband – helps with preparations for Jack’s funeral. Unable to bear it any more, Martha tells Charlie she won’t be able to get through the service with Angelo there, but Charlie convinces her that it’s the only way they’ll trap him.

Angelo stands up to read at the funeral, and Martha just manages to keep it together. The only thing getting her through is the thought that Charlie will catch Angelo dropping off the blackmail money. But as Charlie waits at the drop off point, she is surprised to see Tim arriving. Charlie and Watson tackle Tim to the ground to stop Angelo from seeing him. But Angelo drives away without making the drop. Another sting is foiled.

Martha is horrified to see Angelo turn up at the wake. Tony tries to talk to her and through distraught tears she tells him the truth: Angelo killed Jack. Tony flies out of the bedroom and attacks Angelo like a man possessed. Tony screams at Angelo to confess… and he does. Everyone is stunned. Charlie arrives just in time to hear the confession, and, at last, it’s all over for Angelo.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday February 11*

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