Donna meets up with Orson’s wife, Bonita. She reveals Orson was paid off by someone he found breaking into the guesthouse just before the gun was found. Donna was framed. Orson is now in hiding. Bonita gives Angelo and Charlie a list of places Orson might be. The security cameras pick up someone on the grounds. Angelo thinks it was Hugo and wants a sample of Hugo’s DNA to compare it with the blood on the boat. Charlie thinks Angelo’s obsession with Hugo is clouding his judgment and they should concentrate on finding the gardener. Angelo taunts Hugo and ends up hitting him in at the Diner.

Also, Hugo tells Martha he can’t commit to her any more. He claims he bought the ring for Suzy years ago, but Martha finds a receipt for it that’s only a few days old. He admits it was for her and he was going to propose but he changed his mind.

Tony tells John that he is selling the gym. John suggests that he buy Tony out, and that they go into partnership. Tony agrees, but he and Rachel have reservations.

Xavier is worried that Rosie’s after him so he’s relieved when he later sees her kissing another guy.

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