Angelo humiliates Belle

Colleen panics when she overhears Charlie telling Roman about the cancer risk associated with the development. Believing the public deserve to know the truth, it’s soon the talk of the town. Jack is furious when he finds out, fully aware of the implications for Martha’s condition.

By the time they get a search warrant, Tim has had time to cover everything up, so the police find nothing at the development site. Later, Tim arrives at the station with Belle’s camera, claiming he found it in the bushes near the site. Realising the gossip may have tipped Tim off, the police hold a town meeting at The Diner to halt any further spread of news.

Meanwhile, Martha is devastated to hear about a possible cancer cluster in her town and tells Jack she needs to go away to find her strength. He agrees to take her anyway she wants but is stunned when Martha tells him she wants to go alone.

Belle wants to break up with Angelo, but decides not to tell him about Aden, unaware that he has already seen them kissing. Hurt that Belle was not honest with him, Angelo blurts out what he knows about Aden and Belle at the town meeting, humiliating her.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday January 6*

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