Charlie doesn’t want to co-operate with Hugo but she knows she doesn’t have a choice. They take Suzy down, but Hugo escapes, even though Charlie begs him to turn himself in. He leaves Charlie in the water trying to keep Suzy from drowning.

Angelo is determined to catch Derrick, despite being shot. Angelo chases him through a car park, eventually apprehending him. Later, Martha collapses into Tony’s arms, telling him that it was Hugo who was responsible.

Hugo wants to see Martha before he leaves the Bay. He goes to the hospital and apologises. He did love her and he wanted to make a new life with her, but his old life wouldn’t leave him alone. Angelo is standing at the door and this time he is not going to let Hugo get away.

Charlie tries to force Hugo into a confession but he refuses. Hugo pleads with Angelo for one final word with Martha. He’s saying his final goodbye when he is shot and killed by an Indonesian man.

Wayan emerges from surgery and tells Rachel that Hugo was responsible for everything. People in the Bay can’t believe it was Hugo who was responsible. Later, when Wayan is fully recovered, he is reunited with Bambang.