Hugo won’t press charges against Angelo after he hit him, but Angelo is suspended anyway. Donna’s missing gardener, Orson, is spotted up the coast. Watson is dispatched to interview him about the murder weapon in Donna’s shed, but he finds Orson on the roadside, unconscious. Donna no longer feels safe and leaves town. Hugo makes an airline reservation.

Aden starts avoiding Nicole and she’s upset. They are both struggling with their feelings for each other: Nicole because she’s with Liam, and Aden because it feels too soon after Belle’s death. Irene visits Aden and gives him the final letter Belle left for him.

Tony has agreed to sell a majority share in his gym to John Palmer, but is concerned by the haste in which John is moving. Rachel fears John is trying to lock Tony into the deal before he can back out – but Tony needs the cash.

Both Tony and Rachel are taken aback when they find tradesmen already in the gym preparing quotes for work on upgrading the locker rooms. John and Tony haven’t even signed a contract yet but John is unrepentant. Tony realises it isn’t going to be easy having John as his business partner.

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