Angelo is suspended

Angelo worries about the disciplinary action that may be taken against him over Hugo and Martha’s escape. Wilson, the investigator, grills him and finds gaping holes in Angelo’s story. Charlie tries to console him, but Angelo is defeatist. After another round of questioning, Angelo is suspended from active duty. Then Wilson drops another bombshell – the entire station is under investigation for corruption.

Leah berates Elijah. It was the wedding that was stressing her out, not his parents. Elijah disputes this, but after a stern look from Leah he takes responsibility. Leah considers lying but eventually owns up to Lijuan – she was stressed having them around, but they were probably stressed too. All families are stressful. Lijuan appreciates her honesty and thinks she’ll make a great wife.

Miles tries to convince Alf to let Marilyn use the space in the bait shop to run her fortune-telling business. Alf isn’t sure about it. But Miles reminds him that Marilyn doesn’t have much time left and it would be wonderful for her to do something she loves. Even if her business failed, would it really matter? The bait shop may go under anyway. Alf tells an overjoyed Marilyn she’s in business.

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