Growing suspicious of Michael, Angelo pretends to know him and, over a drink, Angelo pumps Michael for information. Later, gauging her reaction, Angelo tells Charlie he’s meeting up with Michael.

Charlie’s taken aback that Angelo knows Michael, and later, at her counselling session, tries to find out about other cops he might know. Michael quickly shuts the personal discussion down. Angelo’s becoming paranoid and it’s getting serious.

Annie and Romeo are lovesick teenagers. Irene asks Annie if she’s staying, or returning to Japan. Annie hasn’t decided. Romeo is still crippled by stage fright. Miles says it’s great Romeo isn’t afraid to wear a dress on stage. But with the dress on, Romeo can’t even leave the changing room. Miles tries to talk him round, but Romeo is adamant. He’s quitting the production. Annie’s devastated.

Elijah is increasingly troubled. Alf suggests he go to confession. Later, during his Jiu-Jitsu class with Leah, Elijah feels awkward and teams Leah up with another student. Elijah later confesses to Miles.

He was at Vinnie’s deathbed, not years ago after the prison fire, but only 18 months ago, after a farming accident. Elijah can’t have anything to do with Leah while he’s keeping that secret.

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