Angelo is wracked with guilt

Martha is still overcome with grief for Jack but seems comforted by a visit from Angelo. Little does she know, Tony forced the visit on Angelo. She ventures out of the house to make funeral arrangements with Tony. Angelo is surrounded by reminders of Jack, and people telling him he’s a hero for rescuing Martha. He’s consumed with guilt, and comes close to confessing to Martha.

Charlie is busy investigating the murder and questions Tim. She is shocked to find evidence that points to Angelo: an accidental discharge report from his gun and Angelo’s number on Tim’s phone records. She sends Angelo a threatening text from Tim’s phone. Angelo reads the text in front of her, but lies to her about what it said. What will Charlie do, now that the guy she is seeing is a murder suspect?

Belle is still riddled with anxiety over Jack’s death, and convinced that the developers were responsible. Scared for her own life, she’s adamant that she won’t leave the safety of the hospital, until Aden persuades her to stay at the Townhouse with him. He’s so caught up in looking after Belle, he decides not to apply to university. It just doesn’t matter to him any more.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday February 9*

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