Angelo returns to work for the first time since his assault and retrieves a surveillance camera. He watches the footage and finds what he was looking for – Brax and Heath discussing their role in a recent assault. He calls Charlie and the tape continues… to reveal Charlie and Brax getting it on!

Angelo tails Charlie to a remote motel where she waits for Brax. Angelo confronts Charlie, imploring her to steer clear of Brax. When Brax finds the motel room empty, he returns to the Surf Club only to be intercepted by Angelo, who gives him an ultimatum: buy him out of Angelo’s or he’ll go to Charlie with the surveillance footage. Brax folds and gives Angelo what he wants. When Angelo tells Nicole about the deal, she’s confused but he tells her it’s enough money for them to start afresh somewhere else – with baby George.

Charlie has to make a big decision, now that Angelo is on to her and Brax. Will she continue with her illicit relationship?

Heath bumps into Bianca at the Surf Club and they continue flirting. They head down to the beach and get tantalisingly close to hooking up. However, Irene and Roo advise Bianca to be careful – Heath might be dangerous.

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