Colleen drops in on Martha and is alarmed at her state of mind. She’s overwhelmed about losing Hugo, unable to cope with her grief. Alf demands Angelo tell Martha the truth. Angelo warns it would put her in real danger. Angelo visits Martha and suggests ways of dealing with her pain. But the next day, Angelo learns that Hugo’s gone missing from witness protection.

Ruby loves playing Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet – he gets all the best lines. Her enthusiasm wanes, however, when Liam says he’s written Mercutio a song. Ruby is petrified of singing on stage, but Liam coaxes her into a rehearsal. He’s blown away by her voice and vows to write a new song that does her voice justice. Ruby is bemused but pleased.

Romeo has promised to take Annie on a date she’ll remember forever. She goes to the theatre but it’s in darkness. Romeo appears with a costume and tells her to get changed. Dressed as a princess and a knight they dine. Annie is dazzled by the theatrics that Romeo has set up. Both are dreamy the next day and agree to meet at lunch because there’s something they want to say to each other. At lunch, in unison, they declare ‘I love you’.

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