Angelo arrests the man who broke into Hugo’s boat-shed. Nicole confirms he’s the man who chased her and Geoff on the island, and who bragged about killing people. Forensics match his fingerprints to the logbook and Bambang’s toy. Angelo thinks it’s too convenient when Hugo identifies him as the man who assaulted him.

Leah has noticed how down Miles seems and tries to get him to open up. He dismisses Leah’s advice to track Kirsty down. Kirsty told Miles not to contact her.

Nicole is getting along well with Liam and despite her HSC exams looming she seems happy. Aden, however, doesn’t like her being with Liam and he and Nicole are barely speaking. The wiring in Liam’s music shop is playing up and the electricians tell him the whole place needs rewiring. Liam asks Martha for a second opinion and she agrees, saying it’s unsafe for anybody to be in the place until the job’s done. Liam can’t afford to have the rewiring done, and finds himself homeless. Nicole tries to talk to Aden, but he won’t listen. Annoyed, Nicole makes a decision without consulting him, and moves Liam into her place. Like it or not, Aden has a new flatmate.

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