Angelo is driving when he finds a broken down van. He offers the driver, a hippy-type woman called Shandi, a lift to town. She’s flirtatious and Angelo gets flustered. When she suggests they pull over and take a nap on the back seat, Angelo’s not sure what she’s implying. Is Shandi coming onto him?

John tells Xavier he won’t ask for Gina’s hand in marriage until Xavier gives his blessing. John can’t take any stress at the moment, so if Xavier doesn’t agree, it would cause too much aggro.

Xavier tells April that if he knew Gina loved John, he’d approve. April writes a list of questions that will give Xavier his answer. But suddenly he senses the depth of Gina’s love for John. Will he give them his blessing?

Marilyn won’t reconcile with Sid. Sid confides in Nicole, who advises him to be more understanding of Marilyn’s beliefs. But Sid’s instincts tell him to rid Mitzy from Marilyn’s life. Marilyn asks Sid to dinner with her and Mitzy. Sid agrees, but things get heated. Marilyn says if he’s asking her to choose, she chooses Mitzy.

Meanwhile, Mitzy tells a downbeat Ruby that she’ll find love within the next two months. Ruby is overjoyed.

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