Angelo is doing surveillance on Hugo. Hugo is parked by a truck belonging to Squid and Gibbsy. Gibbsy sees Angelo and is freaked out. It’s clear Squid and Gibbsy are involved in something illegal. Hugo confronts him. Angelo admits he’s wasting his time trailing Hugo and says he’ll stop it from now on. Hugo doesn’t quite believe him. Angelo admits to his fellow police officer that he is still interested in Hugo and only lied to throw him off the scent.

Aden reluctantly prepares to go working for the day at Belle’s insistence, even though she is hiding how sick she really is. The day out really tired Belle, but she doesn’t want Nicole to tell Aden for fear that it will worry him. Belle admits to Nicole that she feels she hasn’t got much time left. That night Belle starts to go into a fit and it’s clear she’s got even less time than we thought.

There is still tension between Miles and Kirsty off the back of last night’s incident with the study group. Miles apologises to Kirsty and they make up. Kirsty goes to study again and Miles agrees to help around the house and give her the time she needs.

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