Angelo reveals why he’s really in Summer Bay

Angelo asks Charlie where they stand; she admits that she feels as though she can’t go forward in a relationship with him because he can’t be honest with her. Angelo asks if she can wait until the undercover operation is finished but she says she can’t. Angelo asks to meet Charlie after work. She does so and Angelo tells her the reason he’s in Summer Bay. He’s investigating a people smuggling ring – and he thinks Hugo’s involved.

Kirsty sees Nicole and Liam and she tells Miles. Miles tries to raise the issue with Nicole but can’t go through with it. Liam and Nicole agree to meet up again that night. Liam goes over to Nicole’s place and they wind up kissing in her bedroom. As he’s coming out of her bedroom they run into Miles and Kirsty – Nicole explains he’s just a friend.

Ruby and Geoff are becoming increasingly confused by their feelings for each other. But Ruby is also aware how much she owes Xavier for supporting her false alibi. Xavier sees Ruby and Geoff talk and can’t help becoming jealous again. Xavier confronts Geoff and asks him to stay away from Ruby. Geoff starts giving Ruby the cold shoulder, to her confusion.