Angelo smells a rat

Angelo thought things were going great with his new revamped restaurant, but now he’s picked up on some odd things that have started happening. Brax has been making mistakes with orders and extending credit to people, and Angelo begins to smell a rat. It’s when large amounts of money start appearing in the cash register that Angelo finally realises the type of operation Brax is running.

Nicole has another date with Angus, but it’s the same night as her ante natal class with Marilyn. In an effort to do both, she agrees to meet Marilyn there. But Nicole ends up running late and Marilyn finds herself alone in the class. Angus ends up helping Nicole through the class and Marilyn drops a bombshell.

April is getting more and more stressed out about her workload at school. When she starts working with Dex on an assignment, he notices that she seems to be rewriting what she’s doing, over and over again. When it’s time to leave, Dex pleads with April to stop, and not do any more work on it. But can April stop? Is this turning into a dangerous obsession?

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