Angelo is excited about the imminent opening of his restaurant, but Alf puts the pressure on. He can’t give Angelo an extension and if he can’t open on time, Angelo is sure to receive a penalty from the Committee. Or worse, they could cancel his lease or get another tenant in. With tradesmen soon cancelling on him, Angelo is feeling the strain, unsure if he believes his own words or if he will in fact make it on time.

Romeo tells Alf that he and Indi are just friends. While talking to Indi, Romeo admits that he’s down on relationships in general, which concerns Indi.

April and Bianca have a disaster at their rental property and after a fight with their landlord, they get kicked out. Xavier asks his mum if the girls can stay at their place – he’ll even lay off John for two whole months. Gina agrees.

Liam and Ruby are preparing their set list of songs for their gig at Angelo’s opening night. Liam has invited Bianca along to Angelo’s working bee. Ruby still has a crush on Liam and when Ruby tries to confide in Xavier about her love life, he doesn’t want to know.

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