Charlie pleads with Angelo not to go to court. Charlie thinks he wants to bail Indi out due to something that happened in his past. Angelo insists this isn’t true – he just thinks it’s unfair if Indi got a record because of one mistake.

Later, he admits he used to bail his little brother out of trouble all the time, and it cost him a share in the family business. Charlie tells him he can’t take the fall for Indi. Angelo agrees and fires her. Angelo makes Alf bar manager.

Liam asks Bianca to rate his kissing ability but she refuses. She gets a text from Vittorio. Liam senses she’s upset and apologises, but Bianca blanks him.

Ruby keeps insisting that the wine was for Charlie. The next day, Ruby announces that she doesn’t care if she’s grounded forever – she’s not changing her story. The wine wasn’t for her.

Sid suspects that Dex fancies Marilyn and tries to question him, but they’re interrupted by a despondent Indi. The next morning Sid calls a family meeting and tells Indi he believes she didn’t sell Ruby the alcohol for her own consumption, but he is disappointed. Indi takes that on board as Dex escapes questioning over Marilyn yet again.

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