Angelo trails the Braxtons

Angelo feels like a spare part in his own business and Brax tells him to pull his socks up. He says he has to take care of something for a few days and tells Angelo he needs to be at the restaurant to pick up the slack.

Angelo immediately senses something dodgy, especially when he sees Heath driving off to the National Park. He follows, and witnesses what the Braxtons are really up to… and it’s illegal. He leaves a message with Charlie with all the details of what he’s seen, but when Angelo goes in to have a closer look, he’s hit on the back of the head with a shovel!

Morag sees an unhappy Nicole, unable to see her baby, and warns Marilyn and Sid that Nicole can take the baby back at any time. The couple decide to talk to Nicole and let her see the baby, but Marilyn suspects this is a bad idea.

Nicole, thrilled to see her baby again, tells Angelo. However, Angelo has other things on his mind, and admits the only thing keeping him in the Bay is Nicole. At these words, the pair finally give in to their feelings and spend the night together.

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