Angelo arranges a romantic picnic on the beach for Charlie but she can’t stop thinking about Roman. Angelo isn’t fooled by Charlie’s act and encourages her to open up about Roman. He says she should tell Roman that she doesn’t want a casual relationship.

Meanwhile, Roman realises that he wants more from their relationship but thinks he’s left it too late. Later, after a bout of miscommunications between the pair, along with meddling from a well-intentioned Ruby, the couple eventually come together and realise they both want a proper relationship.

Bartlett is getting more obvious in his interest in Kirsty. When Kirsty mentions she has a sore neck, Bartlett offers her a massage and goes ahead despite her reluctance. Her fears that his interest in her is more than professional increase when he asks her to work late, before insisting they have a drink together afterwards.

Elswhere, Ruby feels like a third wheel when it comes to Annie and Jai. As she spends time helping Miles with preparations for the Surf Carnival, she begins to develop a pretty serious crush on him.

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