Angelo’s discovery reunites Aden and Belle

Aden’s concerned that Belle has been missing her NA meetings and they argue. Has he wrecked their friendship? Irene is upset about the murder charge and encourages Belle to patch things up with Aden. Belle finds Claudia’s sleeping pills. She gives them to Aden, admitting she was tempted and Aden admires her strength.

Angelo goes over Lou’s boat again, desperate for clues. In his frustration, he kicks the railings and finds some dried blood, which he immediately gets tested. Angelo tells Aden and Belle about his discovery. This backs up Irene’s story and the prosecution drops the murder charge against her.

It also strengthens Irene’s argument that she shot the cop in self-defence. Belle is so delighted about this that she kisses Aden and they get it on. Aden tells Belle that he never stopped loving her and they get back together.

Hugo returns and apologises to Martha for leaving, but admits he needed time to get over her. Martha admits to Rachel that she’s not sure if she can live with Hugo… especially as she has feelings for him. Xavier starts to believe Ruby’s theory that Martha fancies Hugo but, later, Martha tells Hugo she’s moving to the farm.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday June 26*

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