Angelo tells Alf he wants to open a restaurant in the Surf Club extension. His parents ran an Italian restaurant and he helped out when he was young. He’s always dreamed of running his own place. Angelo gets a bank loan and the proposal goes to the committee. They accept – it’s all systems go!

Alf learns of Colleen’s predicament and heads to the station. He’s outraged that she’s being charged with theft. Colleen wonders if maybe she did do it – how else did those things get in her home? Alf thinks someone has set her up. Colleen is charged and released from her cell. She’s convinced everyone is talking about her and breaks down.

April tries to convince Ruby that she and Xavier are just friends. Later, when Xavier is stewing over living with John, April suggests he set himself a challenge to toughen up. Xavier barrels into the cold sea, and the two spend the evening talking. They end up falling asleep and when they wake the next morning, they kiss.

Xavier arrives home to a cranky Gina and apologises for staying out all night. Gina and John are bemused by the apology. April’s kiss has had quite an effect on Xavier!

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