When Angie Appleton sees Jude is lying on his application for the council job she offers to help him. Adam offers Angie more accountancy work and Norris offers Jude some work at the Kabin whilst he waits to get another job.

Toyah arrives back in Weatherfield with the baby and Peter is instantly smitten but Simon is unimpressed and tells Leanne that he thinks Toyah has been having an affair.

Johnny confides in Liz that Jenny has been behaving strangely and Liz urges him to speak to her. When Johnny implies to Jenny that he thinks she might be cheating how will she react?

Aidan tells Summer he can’t give her a job but Maria is going to take her shopping with his credit card for a new outfit for the party she is going to. Whilst looking after Liam, Aidan spots him admiring his watch. Josh winds David up about Emma whilst Shona confronts David about his new relationship.

First episode of the evening.