Angie confronts Belle at the factory!

*Second episode*

As the news spreads among the Dingles about Belle and Dr Bailey, they’re in a spin. Unable to resist a dig at her ex, Lisa suggests their daughter was probably looking for a father-figure now that Zak’s shacked up with Joanie. But the saga is about to get worse when Angie confronts Belle. Belle rubbishes Bailey’s claims that she’s been stalking him and admits they’ve been having an affair, but Angie doesn’t believe her!

Later, having planned to keep seeing Bailey in secret, Belle is with the doctor when her family pitch up. As the Dingles are about to launch at Bailey, Belle drops a bombshell…

David snaps at Jacob when he starts going on about germs after spotting the shopkeeper with baby Amba, who’s got a cold. Jacob’s constant fussing and worrying is ramping up David’s fears he might not survive his cancer.

It’s date night for Chas, who’s a bag of nerves as she meets up with DS Wise. But as the wine flows, Chas relaxes and ends up inviting the detective back to hers! But will Aaron unwittingly put paid to his mum’s chance at romance?