Angry Andy doesn’t like what he sees

It’s a New Year, but Andy doesn’t seem able to make a new start without Katie. He sees her heading to The Woolpack with Henshall and has a rant to Ryan about how Katie could do so much better – meaning she could be with Andy instead. If that’s how he feels, says Ryan, he should tell Katie.

The word is out that Maisie has told Nikhil she will marry him. There’s lots of excitement among her friends in The Woolpack and Ella says she’s going to throw them an engagement party. So why does Maisie look so miserable? Oh, she tries to look happy, but she fails. She can’t even get excited about her engagement ring – and every girl loves getting a diamond on her finger. If Nikhil has noticed her lack of enthusiasm he isn’t saying anything. Neither is Will…

Viv seems to have given up on scoring a third chance with Bob and has another man in her sights: Terry. Feeling sorry for Viv, daft Terry has agreed to be her regular partner at her dance classes and that’s put a huge spring in her step. Terry’d better polish up his quick step before Viv traps him in a horizontal rumba!

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