Hands up anyone who really believed Andy could control his temper… Put your hand down! He beat up a kitchen cupboard! And now, as Adele tells him they’re finished, it looks like he might use her as a punchbag. Frightened, she runs off and angry Andy climbs into his car… Adele sees Katie and tells her what happened. Knowing Andy, Katie’s worried and heads off to see him but what she sees is angry Andy speeding his car into a collection of wheelie bins. He’s crashed on the road to self-destruction. Can Katie help him recover?

Druggie Holly is helping herself to other people’s property so she can get cash for cocaine… Her little sister Hannah makes the mistake of bringing new boyfriend Isaac home to meet the family, including Holly. Always on the look-out for a way to make a quick quid, Holly notices when Isaac forgets his MP3 and quickly pockets it – and not because she likes his taste in music…

Rhona’s also struggling with her desire – for Paddy, not drugs. She decides to put some space between them by going to Scotland for a training course and encourages Marlon to go with her.

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