Angry Ashley preaches privacy to Laurel

Ashley has been determined to go ahead and renew his vows with Laurel, but why? Because he loves her and wants to make her feel loved and cherished? Or because he wants to make it quite clear to Marlon that Laurel is his? His motives are unclear, but what is clear is that Ashley did not want anyone else to know about Laurel’s affair of the heart. So he goes ballistic when he finds out that Laurel has confided in Nicola, who, in turn, has told Jimmy. Is there anyone Laurel hasn’t told??? Well, Paddy and Rhona don’t know – yet.

Amy still doesn’t know what to do about Kyle. At the hospital, as she holds her crying baby, Val assures her that she’ll get used to handling the infant. But Amy’s not convinced. It’s clear Val wants Kyle to come home, but Amy still isn’t sure she wants to give Kyle a home.

Adam wants Moira to come home for Christmas, but Holly doesn’t and farmer John says she’s not coming unless they all want her there. So, it looks like Moira’s Christmas spirit will come from a bottle behind the bar at The Woolpack…