Fingers are being pointed around the village following Olena’s arrest… Terry and Brenda are angry at Pollard for giving her a job and jeopardising their B&B business. And what about poor Eli? He found a woman who could saw him as a work-shy scoundrel and didn’t run a mile and now she’s gone. In The Woolpack, Eli directs his anger at Val and Brenda, convinced they reported Olena. Then guilty Sam owns up… Is there anywhere he can hide from Eli’s fury?

Ryan and Katie also have feelings to deal with… As they clean up after their party, Ryan jokes with Andy about Eve, but it’s clear he cares for Katie. When they later see each other in the village, though, the main feeling between them is awkwardness and they reluctantly agree that they have no future together.

Meanwhile, Chas isn’t being very charitable in her thoughts towards Charity… Wondering about the cash Charity’s flashing, Chas talks to her and comes to the conclusion that Charity’s making the money by selling her body. Being the good pal that she is (not!), Chas tells Cain what she thinks and is surprised when he laughs at the idea. Now she’s really suspicious…

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