After Karl fails to persuade him to stay, Angus deserts Rachel for her own good. Rachel is devastated and takes out her pain and anger on Ty. Meanwhile, the tension between Susan and Karl starts to thaw as they both worry that Rachel will go after Angus. Rachel sends Angus a confessional video message to communicate how mature she really is. But just when things look to be getting back to normal in the Kennedy Kinski household, Angus makes a surprise return.

Declan ends up feeling sorry for himself when his 18th birthday falls flat. But he is unaware that the neighbours have planned a surprise party for him, with Bridget having prepared an extra special present of her own. Later, Declan is upset when he spies Bridget meeting secretly with Josh. But he is stunned and overcome with emotion when he sees her showing off a tattoo for him on her back.

After sharing a kiss, Carmella pulls away from a confused Oliver. He confides in Rebecca who reminds him that Carmella is still fragile after Marco’s death. With renewed sensitivity, Oliver confides his feelings for Carmella and she reciprocates.

Also, wanting her family back together, Miranda tries to reaffirm her love for Steve.

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