In a strained meeting in front of Susan, Angus tells Rachel he still loves her. Shocked, Susan tries to persuade Rachel that she’s fallen out of love with Angus, but realises she has failed when Rachel tells her she wants to return to the prison alone. Afraid that if she refuses, the romance will be sparked off again, Susan lets Rachel go.

Feeling more comfortable, Angus candidly tells Rachel he did the wrong thing by her, but has learned from his mistakes. He also breaks the news that he is being released early and wants them to be together again.

After Miranda’s plea for honesty, Steve warns Nicola that he will no longer keep her secrets, prompting Nicola to pack her bags to leave. However, when Miranda catches her in the act, she demands an explanation. What will Nicola do?

After Steph and Ty prevent her from jumping back into Paul’s arms, Rebecca starts to re-evaluate her feelings for Paul, asking herself if she is only refusing him another chance out of pride.

Meanwhile, hurt Paul tells Rebecca she is being dishonest about her feelings. Annoyed, Rebecca reminds Paul why she left him in the first place, and insists she will never be tempted back into a relationship with him.

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