Angus returns to Ramsay Street

As Angus returns to Ramsay Street, Zeke makes his attitude clear when he brings a police detective home to question Angus closely about his intentions. Over an awkward family dinner, Zeke is openly hostile towards Angus. Later, Bridget is unimpressed when Rachel asks her to lie to help Angus get a job.

Meanwhile, Susan reveals to Angus that she is not his ally and the ceasefire between them is purely strategic. As Rachel remains defiantly optimistic about her relationship, Zeke and Ringo are frustrated to learn she’s neglecting her studies to spend time with Angus.

Later, as Rachel and Angus prepare for a romantic breakfast together, they are shocked to find the word PERV scrawled across his fence.

Frustrated that he didn’t know how much Carmella is struggling with her grief over Marco, Oliver is determined to find a way to help her. They end up spending a relaxed night together giving Carmella the rest she so desperately needed, and Oliver realises he feels happier then he has been in ages. Could he be falling in love again?

Also, Bridget’s family troubles bring her and Declan close, until she comes face to face with her ex boyfriend. And Harold sets off on his travels with an unexpected passenger…

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