Animal Babies: First Year on Earth – BBC2

BBC2’s Animal Babies: First Year on Earth is a fascinating new series following adorable baby animals during their perilous first months of life

Super-cute three-part series Animal Babies: First Year on Earth follows six animal infants during their first 12 months, which is often the most dangerous time in their lives.

This week’s episode explores the first three crucial months, and in Kenya, elephant calf Safina (pictured above) tries to keep up with her fast-moving herd, while hyena twins Bisque and Chowder are learning their place in society.

In Sri Lanka, rank is also fundamental to the survival of newborn toque macaque Jazir, while off the coast of California, food and shelter are all that matter to sea otter pup Limpet.

We also follow a mountain gorilla in Uganda and Arctic foxes in Iceland to discover how they learn to survive. 

Newborn toque macaque on Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

Newborn toque macaque Jazir features in BBC2’s Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

‘For many infants in the wild, the first year is the toughest,’ says series producer Dominic Weston.

‘This series reveals what it takes to survive, but on an intimate and personal level.

‘We follow animals that have a one-to-one relationship with just mother and baby, such as sea otters, as well as those that belong in large hierarchies and social groups, like hyenas and toque macaques.

‘What’s striking is how their environment and family structure have a huge influence on how they develop.’

TV Times rating: ****