Pc Younger is with the crowds outside Brown’s department store, when Sue Padgett emerges with a fur coat and her boyfriend, Nick Payton, douses the coat in petrol and sets it alight. When local vet Tom Padgett sees a picture in the paper of his daughter and the burning coat, he tells Miller that Sue does not approve of his role in the livestock market and that their relationship has become strained.

That night, Sue and Nick are at the haulier’s depot, when Nick decides to set fire to one of the lorries. Sue is horrified as the vehicle goes up in flames – but Nick is certain that this will raise awareness of the animal welfare movement. The police investigate further incidents and all the evidence points to Sue. Will Sue begin to regret getting involved with Nick and his crusade?

Elsewhere, Carol advises heavily pregnant teen Lynne Reynolds that she will have to stay in hospital until the baby’s born. Not wanting Carol to contact her parents, Lynne reveals that they want her to give the baby up for adoption – but Carol explains the benefits of keeping it. Later, Carol and Dr Oakley clash over what’s best for Lynne and the baby, which seems to forge a greater wedge between them.

Also, David agrees to take farmer Sid Bestwick’s daughter Tina to the Young Farmer’s Ball – and an excited Peggy helps David prepare for his hot date. Will the night go without a hitch?