In the last in the series, Liz Bonnin meets the animals going to extreme measures to survive, and reveals the some of the surprising scientific discoveries behind their behaviour.

The boxer crab is a badly behaved crustacean.

It lives in the Red Sea, surrounded by bigger predators.

So how does it stop itself being eaten?

Animals Behaving Badly boxer crab

The innovative boxer crab

It simply takes hostage a couple of little anemones, which have a powerful sting, and holds them in its claws like boxing gloves to punch any predators in the face!

It also starves the anemones so they don’t get too heavy for it to carry – mean and nasty
but clever.

This funny and informative series comes to an end with the cunning tactics used by animals
to survive.

There are also car-destroying stone martens in Luxembourg and stinky sloths in
Central America.

TV Times rating: ****