Animals Behaving Badly – BBC1

Liz Bonnin meets the animals doing whatever it takes to find food, including macaques using psychology to pull off a theft

Liz Bonnin’s wildlife series continues with an interesting peek into the life of more
free-spirited creatures.

The coconut crab of Christmas Island loves to steal stuff. From flip-flops to hats and even Liz’s camera, nothing is safe from these crafty crustaceans.

Animals Behaving Badly

A coconut crab tucks into some noodles

But the secret to their kleptomania is a fabulous sense of smell, which means anything that smells like it might be food is worth stealing.

The rhesus macaque (pictured, top) is also a brilliant thief.

The jumping spider in Australia can mimic the smell of its prey – and don’t even get 
us started on the dirty tactics of the wall-lizards of Greece!

Presented in a fun, 
light-hearted way, this is packed full of fascinating animal behaviour that ensures the survival of the baddest.

TV Times rating: ****