Anita tells Theresa that she took some powder at the party. She’s excited as she waits to meet Dave for their date, but is gutted when he tells he just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t blab about the drugs at the party. Humiliated in front of Theresa and Ricky, Anita accuses him of spiking her drink.

Mercedes realises she and Calvin will be left alone to man the bar. Their sexual tension is charged and only an interruption from Sasha stops them. Later, Mercedes accuses Malachy of flirting with Cheryl, and Sasha demands to know what’s going on.

Kris is annoyed when Lydia tries to make Zoe feel guilty and can’t believe what he’s hearing when Zoe agrees that Sarah took her own life. Zoe reassures him and insists that she’s going to play her at her own game. Lydia notices Zoe’s left her keys behind and breaks into the flat, but she has to hide when Kris and Zoe return home.

Also; Lydia panics when she overhears Zoe telling Kris she’s going to ring her when she realises her mobile is on the floor outside. Zoe decides the only way to make Lydia confess is let her believe she’s her friend. So she moves into Mike’s.

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