Anita confesses to Hannah

Leila confesses her fears about Anita’s situation to Hannah in Relish, while Anita is stuffing her face in secret. A passing Theresa’s unable to hide her worry and questions if Anita’s been eating. It all becomes too much and after discovering that Hannah’s been sick, Anita confesses she’s been lying all along. Hannah’s devastated and announces to everyone what Anita’s been up to.

Nancy’s suspicions grow about Hannah and Anita’s friendship. Feeling jealous of Kris and Ravi’s easy banter at Relish, Nancy’s attitude infuriates Kris and the couple both acknowledge they’ve reached an impasse in their relationship.

Michaela’s still convinced that Zak’s a gigolo after seeing him take money from Frankie. It soon all becomes clear when her sisters realise that Zak’s cleaning for Suzanne, so he can save up to buy her a new laptop. However, his hard earned cash disappears after Michaela knocks bleach all over Suzanne’s rug.

Also; Des’s arrival with flowers and a job application for a school dinner lady does nothing to quell Jacqui’s anxiety and he scarpers just before she discovers she’s failed her business course. Jacqui finally confesses she’s failed to Des and also that she’s applied for the dinner lady position.

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