Anita continues to lie to Hannah

Nancy notices that Anita is wearing one of Hannah’s bracelets and Anita tells her that Hannah let her borrow it. When Nancy admits to Hannah that she finds her friendship with Anita slightly odd, she admits to Nancy that Anita has an eating disorder. Nancy is put out that Anita didn’t confide in her but Hannah gives Nancy food for thought.

Tony’s completely absorbed in the planning of his veteran’s day at Il Gnosh and totally oblivious to Cindy’s mood. He reminds her how much it means to him but Cindy simply takes the medals to be valued. Fed up, Cindy lets Dom in on a secret – his great-grandfather was German.

Mercedes and Calvin try to avoid each other at The Loft. When Mercedes feels like Calvin is deliberately being unfair on Malachy, she decides to confront him. As things heat up, Mercedes and Calvin are fighting their attraction, but before they can give in, Malachy’s arrives.

Also; Josh tells Hayley to end it with Rhys and is left gutted for the second time; Spencer is fed up and Sasha sees him with lit fireworks in his hand, she screams for him to stop. But the firework explodes in his hand.

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