Hannah arranges a night out with Nancy, Leila and Anita and tells them she’s packing in college. Darren arrives back and asks who’s been sick in the bathroom. Accepting the blame, Anita then tells Hannah that she heard her being sick earlier.

Mercedes is convinced Malachy knows about her affair. Catching up with Kris, Mercedes listens as he confesses about his bust up with Malachy. Later, Kris bumps into Calvin and another voice can be heard in the melee, they turn to find Malachy. Reconciled with Mercedes, they head off home together, leaving Calvin alone.

Duncan leads Ricky to the shack where he’s confronted with the stolen gifts from The Dog. The boys open presents, until they stumble across a body. Fleeing to the Dog, they return with Neville, only to find the body has disappeared. Neville discovers the opened presents and the boys are left with some explaining to do. However, the biggest blow is the news that Duncan is being sent back home early to his parents’ for Christmas – today!

Also, Rae and Newt continue to snipe at each other during their shift at Relish, Rae can’t take it anymore and announces she can’t work the same shift as him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Anita promises that she won’t tell anyone about Hannah being sick, and she’s relieved. But Anita struggles with the magnitude of the request. As Hannah’s behaviour grows increasingly bizarre, Anita realises she’s out of her depth. When a disapproving Josh arrives, Anita finds herself at the centre of a family feud and tells Josh her fears about Hannah. But he brands her a liar.

Mercedes tells Calvin that they’re in the clear with regards to Malachy. The two agree that it was a one-off fling and can’t happen again. Later at lunch, Malachy confesses his love for Mercedes, but it’s clear she has Calvin on her mind. Unable to help herself, Mercedes lies once more and finds herself in Calvin’s arms.

Tom’s worried about how Santa’s going to get in the house to deliver his presents.

Also, Newt decides to buy Rae some CDs to cheer her up. Discovering the presents, Rae’s left puzzled but is begrudgingly thankful.