Anita faces up to Eva

Eva turns up to see Ravi and Anita, but she’s not welcome – they’re outraged she lied about being some random woman when she’s really Anita’s mum. Eva begs for five minutes with her daughter. Anita rejects her, but Dom talks her round. Anita fires a barrage of questions at her mysterious mum. Evasive, Eva does her best to deflect Anita’s queries but Anita learns some shocking truths.

Carmel tries to persuade Theresa not to terminate her pregnancy. With Calvin gone, Theresa’s baby is a new life to look forward to and Carmel wants to help. As the nurse calls Theresa in for her procedure, Carmel begs her to reconsider, but Jacqui pleads with her to go through with it – the truth about Theresa’s baby’s father would kill Carmel.

Steph’s distressed about finding Gilly and Jem together. Gilly tries to talk sense into Steph, but her illness is weighing heavily on her mind and she won’t listen.

Also, Cheryl mouths off about Steph, but Tom overhears and tells her the truth. Unable to keep a secret, Cheryl hints about Steph’s terrible predicament to Gilly, but Gilly gets the wrong end of the stick. He thinks Steph’s going to finish with him… so decides to dump her instead.

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