Anita finally meets Ricky…

Anita asks Ricky why he stood her up and he confesses that he saw ‘her’ kissing another guy. Anita is forced to confess that she used Theresa’s photo as her profile pic instead of her own. Ricky agrees to meet again but Anita is stunned when her 20-year-old hunk turns out to be a teen skater boy! Lauren thinks it’s hilarious and brings Newt and Theresa to have a look and Ricky nearly blows their secret in front of Lauren.

Josh is determined to make the big time with The Somethings but first things first, the band need to scrape together enough cash to make a demo. Hayley sells essays to Freshers and Josh pilfers Rhys’ record collection to sell. Josh panics that Rob won’t see past Hayley’s wheelchair when he misinterprets Rob’s reaction to her and he wonders whether to dump Hayley from the band.

Ash is irritated when Ravi refuses to help him at Relish after their bust up the other day and he’s forced to employ Zak and Caleb. Ash ends up insulting the brothers and he’s left alone again when they walk out. Ash catches Ravi drinking with Zak and Caleb and lashes out but he’s pushed Ravi too far this time.

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